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Welcome to the Arab Sales Professionals Society.

The ASPS is business and professional sales network comprised of Arab sales services providers and businesses in MENA region, all come together to learn, connect and grow their career and market, Each sales professional is committed to helping the society, providing top quality service, and growing their businesses through mutual understanding.

We are the voice of Arab Sales Professionals who realize that true growth in our region will come by the empowering and uniting of human capital. ASPS serves as the forum and platform to assist Arab sales professionals in their development and alliance building.

Our member’s success means everything to us, this is really the core of ASPS, we design, develop & build all kind of sales best practices and approaches to achieve member’s success and with your support as an approved and professional sales member we for sure will achieve this goal & mission.

Thank you for your trust!


To inspire and empower future generations of sales professionals to realize their full potential, and help them get better chance in life and career.


To become the hub for all sales professionals in Arab world.

Inspire and empower the future generations of sales professionals.

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We hope you join us soon

Ali Thiab

ASPS Founder

Some of many

In a Brief

Ali won a Bronze Award for Sales Trainer of the year 2017 by Stevie Awards on top of 2300 sales professional all over the world, 150 judges decided the results.

Ali Thiab possess a strong background covering 24 years of diverse experience in Sales Development, Sales Training, professional speaker consultant. After a long and successful career in a variety of high level sales roles, Ali went onto realize his true passion for coaching and developing dynamic sales people.

As a sales consultant, trainer, coach & mentor, Ali worked with a wide variety of clients (both large and small) in the MENA region since 1995. Since that time he has delivered training for over 12 different nationalities to over 1000 different organizations and have helped over 15000 staff.

Ali is dedicated to learning about individual goals both business & personal, using these insights to build a plan for a “NEW YOU” that is focused on specific strengths areas and opportunities. It is this ability to inspire inner-change within his programme participants that keeps Ali at the very top of his game.

Fell free to write to me direct on ali@salesh2o.com with your inquiry and I will be happy to hear from you.

The Purposes of ASPS are:

this is the why behind it


To promote the recognition of sales professions in MENA and formulate and maintain standards of professional ethics, practices and competence.


To stimulate and support the education and training of Arabic sales profession and to provide professional testing and accreditation for Arab Sales professionals.


To manage and fund research and development in the fields of sales in MENA region and to assist members in finding full or part time employment and freelance work.


Assist local business by providing them a directory with detailed information of our members.


Create and introduce business referrals through our regional networking & conferences.


Help unite Arab Sales Professional their pursuit of mutual success and the betterment of the MENA economy at large.

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